“At Malvern, some challenges we’re facing are poor communication skills,
anxiety approaching new skills like reading, low self-esteem, and fear of speaking in front of others.”

Samantha Singh, Educator, Malvern Family Resource Centre 

“Literacy is not just reading; it’s counting, recalling events; it’s communication back and forth. And that skillset isn’t in the children now when they come to us.”

Emily Lowe, BCG Yukon

“They didn’t have a lot of words to express what they’re feeling. Kids struggled more with the writing portion of the workshops than other parts.”

Faatimah, After School Program Leader, Agincourt Community Services 

“Kids were coming back missing a lot of social skills. A huge part of kindergarten is the social aspect. It’s not so much academics, [it’s] how to treat each other and how to problem-solve, socially. They’re picking it up now, kids are resilient and there is hope for the future.”

Morgan Donoghue, Grade 2-3 Teacher, British Columbia

“The library was closed and that’s a big way I engage [my son] with reading and learning. On the positive side, I got a lot of one-on-one time with him, which I wouldn’t have otherwise had.”

Melissa, Parent, Ontario

“We attempted homeschool at the kitchen table, which was a real disaster for us. In hindsight, everyone’s anxiety was the only thing we really had the capacity to deal with. We gave up pretty quick. I don’t think I see a deficit in them academically, but who’s to say? Who knows what we might find down the road?”

Lindsey, Parent, British Columbia